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Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry pieces are exclusive, handcrafted and elegant works of art! They are inspired by vibrant colours, bold aesthetics and the cultural heritage of Africa.


Our pieces are made from a careful selection of gems, precious metals and premium, non-tarnish gold-filled accessories. The quality of craftsmanship, the designer's keen attention to detailing and the deft fusion of traditional and modern jewelry techniques are the hallmarks of Gbenga Artsmith designs and have also distinguished the brand as one of Africa's best exports.

About Gbenga Artsmith Gbénga Artsmith Jewelry Handcrafted, exclusive and elegant jewelry pieces.

Our Founder

Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry was founded 12 years ago by Gbenga Ayo-Dada, a philosophy graduate, on the verandah of his father’s residence. Later, he expanded to his car porch and eventually opened a flagship store in Opebi, Lagos State. Gbenga, a multiple award-winning artist, excels in various artistic endeavors such as music, content creation, styling, and creative writing. Despite experimenting with different career options, what initially began as a temporary hobby while awaiting university admission quickly transformed into a thriving business and a lifelong passion.

Gbenga’s pursuit of excellence and his unmatched innovative skills as a jewelry artist are undeniable. His talents have earned him invitations to prestigious events like London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and the Commonwealth summit. Additionally, he is not only a jewelry designer but also a social entrepreneur, which explains why Gbenga Artsmith Jewelry is a socially-conscious brand. 

In March 2018, he led a continent-wide campaign to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy during the Awareness month. The campaign received wide syndication across various TV stations, blogs, and social media platforms. Later, in October 2019, he gained global recognition when CNN’s African Voices spotlighted him as one of Africa’s changemakers for his breast cancer awareness campaign. This campaign was also featured on the cover of This Day Style, and the advocacy video aired for a month on EbonyLife TV.

Gbenga’s vision is to establish Gbenga Artsmith as a synonymous brand for handcrafted jewelry worldwide. With each unique piece he creates, he gets closer to realizing this vision, one step at a time.


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