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“OMILOLA” Beaded Headband


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Dive into the essence of Lagos beaches with our newest headband creation, “OMILOLA” – a tribute to my Lagos roots and the endless allure of the ocean. 🌊✨ As someone with Lagosian blood running through my veins, my fascination with water feels almost like destiny.

This design is more than just an accessory; it’s a journey. The intricate beadwork mirrors the ocean’s rhythm – the rise and fall of waves under the caress of the wind, encapsulating the beauty of resilience. It’s a celebration of life’s ebbs and flows, a reminder that our challenges are not setbacks but catalysts for growth, pushing us forward, shaping our strength and will.

“OMILOLA” (which means “water is wealth”) embodies the richness of embracing life’s ups and downs. Ready to wear this emblem of strength and beauty? Add to cart…


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